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20 September 2013 @ 02:01 am
My very first BTVS fic!  
So.. This is my very first BTVS fic in like EVER! I tried to do everybody justice and keep up with the British slang. This is unbeta'd so if you see any mistakes please tell me.

Okay here goes! *is nervous*

Title: Friendship
Author: zodiac_sign
Pairing: Willow/Spike, implied Spike/Buffy
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Willow tries something new with Spike.
Disclaimer: BTVS and their characters belong to Joss Whedon en his crew!

Willow walked through the cemetery on her way to Spike’s crypt. She needed to deliver a message to him that he was needed at the Scooby’s meeting that began at eight. There was a new baddie in town and Giles thought Spike would be of some help identifying the demon because all the description they got from Buffy was: big, tall, scary with lots of horns. Not very helping.

She had also brought some pig’s blood because she heard from Buffy that Spike got quite a beating from the Gnarlok demon. He needed time to heal and she thought that with some blood in his undead system he would heal faster. He may be a blood sucking fiend but he was as far as Willow could see part of the Scoobies. She saw no reason to leave one Scooby hanging just because he wasn’t human when he was in need for help.

And okay, he may have tried to kill her twice now but who’s counting? At least he doesn’t do it anymore now that he has the chip.

Weirdly enough Spike was nice to her and she actual liked him when he wasn’t all fangy and “grr.” Lately though she saw a change in him and that change wasn’t for the better. She knew that it had to do with Buffy, somehow it always had to do with Buffy.

Trying not to dwell on that subject anymore she arrived at Spike’s crypt and knocked on the door. On the second knock the door opened and Spike appeared.

‘Hullo, Red.’

‘Hi, Spike. I got a message for you from Giles about a Scooby meeting.’ Spike stepped aside and let Willow in.

‘What does the Watcher want my services for?’

‘There’s a new baddie in town and Giles thought you could help with identifying since Buffy’s not such a great help.’

Spike snorted ‘Lemme guess, big and scary again?’

‘Yeah..’ Willow answered lamely because it was the truth and it was getting kind of old.

‘Eight o’clock?’ Willow nodded.

Willow looked around and saw that Spike made several improvements around the crypt.

‘I see somebody did a little shopping’ she pointed at the fairy old but nice looking TV-set.

‘Yeah, if you can call the Sunnyhell dump a shopping centre.’ Spike grinned when he saw Willow roll her eyes.

‘Anyway it looks nice.’

‘Thanks, luv.’ Spike then noticed the small cooling box. He pointed and said ‘Is that my payment, luv?’

Willow looked confused ‘Payment for what?’

‘For my services rendered to help diminish the demon population?’

Realisation dawned on Willow’s face and she shook her head. ‘Nope, it’s just from me.’ She pulled out the bag of blood and presented it to him. ‘I heard you got quite the bea-‘ she saw the angry look in Spike’s eyes so she quickly changed tactics ‘beating done to that, uh… Gnarlok demon last night!’

‘Well done!’ she patted him on the back and the minute her hand hit covered flesh a spark went through her and she thinks Spike felt it too because he shivered.

She saw his tongue curl and press against his teeth.

‘Well… that’s awfully nice of yer Red. In fact, you been nice to me since that that time I failed to bite you.’ Slowly he stalked forward towards her. Willow backed up a bit.

‘Coming especially to my crypt to give me a message.’

Willow gulped ‘It was an important message.’

‘You coulda send somebody else.’

‘It was my turn.’

He was now right in front over her and she was backed up against a wall.

‘Really? Or did you make it yer turn?’ He put his arms next to her on the wall so there was no way out.


‘Giving me gifts like that and complimenting my crypt. You know, a bloke could take that as a hint.’

‘A hint?’ He slowly started to rub her bare arms with his hands. ‘W-what kind of hint?’

Spike leered ‘That you want something bad.’ His breath tickled her face and she smelled a strong odour.

‘H-have you been drinking, Spike?’ He leaned closer and Willow gulped again.

‘M had not such a good day today. Care to make it better?’

Willow’s eyes widen when she got his innuendo. Before she could react he started kissing her.

Willow was shocked therefore it took a while before she responded. Things got a little heated with tongues thrusting and tangling in each other’s mouth, hands getting a little south of the border. Willow stopped them and put them back on her waist; this was just an innocent coming together of lips and some tongue, okay a lot of tongue. No need to take it further. But then again hands started to wander and the inevitable happened.

Willow tore her mouth of his and asked ‘What are you doing, Spike?’

‘S alright luv just a little tumble and ‘m off’ he lunged for her mouth again but Willow leaned back.

‘Why?’ He never showed her any interest and now he wanted to sleep with her? This was all very odd.

Spike seemingly annoyed that he wasn’t getting any lip action replied ‘Cause it’s fun.’ He continued to pepper her face with kisses.

Willow not responding because she was still hesitant continued to look at him strangely. She knew that he was suggesting just a fun way to pas time but his kisses had held a certain urgency for closeness. And that definitely wasn’t a casual tone in which he talked Willow looked at him, really looked at him and noticed that there was a healing cut on his cheek and he didn’t have the cocky Big Bad stance, in fact his shoulders were kind of slumped.

Then the puzzle pieces all fell into place and Willow thought ‘Aah, he’s been with Buffy…’ That thought immediately made Willow sad. She knew how sordid their affair was and that Spike was in love with her and Buffy was just using him.

Meanwhile Spike was still kissing her and murmured something in her ear ‘Gonna make you feel so good pet, so you never wanna leave’ he says this as an afterthought and doesn’t even notice that he let his Big Bad persona slip.

Willow’s heart ached for him when she heard his whispered words. Is that what he thinks this is: a payment for her friendship? That if he doesn’t please her she wouldn’t be his friend anymore and just abandon him? If that’s the case then Buffy really screwed him up and she needs to set the record straight right now.

‘Spike’ she softly nudges him but he keeps on kissing her face.

‘Spike’ she tries again and nudges him harder but he doesn’t budge. Damn this man and his octopus-like lips! She grabs his shoulders and shoves him a bit. He finally takes the hint and stops and looks up. His eyes are a swirling mass of want and need. She’s afraid to reject his advances but she has to.

‘You don’t have to do this. It’s not necessary.’ Willow sees the hurt and confusion in eyes but when she blinks they’re gone.

‘Right. I’ll be off then’ he tries to extricate himself from Willow’s grasp.

‘Wait, Spike you don’t under-‘ but Spike cuts her off with a sneer. ‘Save yer speech Red I know what yer gonna say. You don’t wanna do this ‘cause ‘m the Big Bad and you’re an innocent witch that doesn’t want to get involved with a-‘ he paused and says dejectedly ‘monster like me.’ He tries to step back but Willow holds him firmly in place.

‘That wasn’t at all what I was going to say, Spike. Now stop being so stubborn and listen to me.’ She lays her hands on his shoulders, puts her “resolve-face” on and looks him squarely in his big blue eyes.

‘What I was going to say before you so rudely interrupted me, mid awesome speech I might add’ she grinned a bit at the sceptical look he was giving her ‘that you don’t have to buy my friendship.’

Willow saw that sad look cross Spike’s face again so she said ‘Now, let’s go get some ice cream because that’s what friends do.’ She intertwined their hands and started walking towards the ice parlour.

Spike looked with wonder at their intertwined fingers and hesitantly gave hers a little squeeze to see if it’s real and if it will stick. He got his answer when Willow squeezed back.


Phew! *wipes sweat of forehead* Okay that was that. Was it awful? If it was I can only get better right?
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velvetwhip: Cookie Spillowvelvetwhip on September 20th, 2013 12:36 am (UTC)
Considering that this is your very first fic and you didn't even have a beta, you did quite fine, sweetheart! Welcome to the fic-writing club!



zodiac_signzodiac_sign on September 20th, 2013 09:28 am (UTC)
Ah! Thank you very much and thanks for the feedback! It's most appreciated :D

I was a bit nervous so I'm glad it has gotten your seal of approval!
Shannonshannon730 on September 23rd, 2013 02:06 am (UTC)
As promised I stopped by to read and as velvetwhip said already for a first fic and no beta it's good.

Really it's a great first fic (much better than my first fic was). Keep writing. My biggest piece of advice is to find a beta, a good, honest one. That's the important thing you need to write. But this is definitely a good job and very promising. :D
zodiac_signzodiac_sign on September 23rd, 2013 11:01 am (UTC)

Thank you very much for taking time to read this and giving me good, honest constructive criticism! I think I'm going to do a follow up on this story but I'm not sure.

You're talking about a beta how do you find one?